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MYDCA is the first service for investors and corporates dedicated to Corporate Access.

MYDCA is « all inclusive » with a simple and very competitive pricing . Buy corporate access services directly or through research budget funded by clients.

MYDCA is already compliant with regulation that should be applied in the near future across Europe.

How does it work?

Portfolio manager?

1. Ask for a company meeting.
2. Organize roadshows.
3. Attend.
4. Rate.


1. Target institutional investors.
2. Organize roadshows.
3. Animate.
4. Rate.


1. Check investors needs.
2. Meet investors and corporates.
3. Moderate.
4. Rate.


Roadshows, One on One Meetings, and marketing agenda.

On line rating of each meeting and participant.

Full monitoring of your activities.

Full operational roadhsow planning & organization.



MyDCA web platform only requires an internet access. Users can work immediately after subscription on any device.


New developments are shared with all users of the platform with no additional costs.


MYDCA has put in place a best in class security infrastructure ensuring clients a fully secured environment.


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