What a surprise! It has long been known that few players were compliant with the unbundling of research and corporate access in the UK. But this news is very important. It highlights the determination of FCA to ban investors to use the money of their clients to pay for corporate access. This position confirms the strict understanding of unbundling and it will have impact on the long-awaited position of ESMA on Corporate Access and Research. Can Research and Corporate Access still be combined or not and more importantly on how these services can be paid by investors. Off course at MyDCA with have our understanding. Full unbundling will bring in the mid-term additional efficiency in the market and increased value for money spend by investors. The drama should end shortly now, with the ESMA position that will come soon. Investors and Corporates now only have 296 days left to organized themselves to face this once in a lifetime regulation change. Don’t hesitate to join our plateform www.mydca.eu or request a demo.