In its 2018 edition “Financial Communication Framework and Practices”, the French Association of Financial Communication Professionals, which represents more than 90% of the market capitalization of the Paris Stock Exchange, reviews the ways in which Roadshows and Corporate Access are organised: It is explained that if historically brokers have proposed to listed companies to organise access to executives (= corporate access), the MiFID II directive in force since January 2018 could change this situation.

“Indeed, the price of research – and what can be linked to it such as the organisation of conferences, roadshows,… – must now be detailed and isolated from transactions. This could lead brokers, depending on their commercial policy, to be more and more selective in their research, to pass on their costs, or even to reduce the monitoring of certain small caps. This first exercise of implementing the Directive should be used to assess all its consequences.”
A little further on, the guide proposes to companies, for the organisation of their events, to use brokers or independent contact platforms: This is precisely the role of MyDCA, so do not hesitate to ask us – or more simply, to register!
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