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Succès de l’événement MyDCA sur l’immobilier

MyDCA, plateforme de mise en relation directe entre émetteurs et investisseurs institutionnels, a organisé sa première table ronde autour du thème « Immobilier : choc temporaire ou transformation profonde ?» […]

What’s the next day for Corporate Access?

Poorly anticipated, because it is unprecedented in its form and scope, the dual crisis – health and economic – caused by Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on the financial […]

MiFID II ratchets up pressure on investor relations teams as investors go direct

Regulatory change has put the investor relations teams of UK companies’ under increasing pressure as demands from investors soar, according to the latest research from Orient Capital, the investor relations […]

MyDCA participait à MiFID Vision. Pour revenir sur l’expérience MiFID2, La SFAF a créé MiFID Vision dont les membres représentent toutes les associations professionnelles. Beaucoup de choses ont été dites, qui sont consultables sur […]

My DCA repense le modèle du Corporate Access.

MIFID 2 a bousculé les habitudes du Corporate Access « ancienne génération ». Corporate Access ? C’est cette pratique qui permet de mettre en relation des entreprises cotées et des investisseurs souhaitant avoir […]

Some reminders from the Cliff on Corporate Access

In its 2018 edition “Financial Communication Framework and Practices”, the French Association of Financial Communication Professionals, which represents more than 90% of the market capitalization of the Paris Stock Exchange, […]

Corporates and investors bypass brokers to meet !!

If you still have doubt on how fast Corporate Access is changing due to MiFID2 implementation, read the following FT article : MiFID2 impacts on Corporates are "collateral damages", [...]

1st Roadshow of a Nasdaq company in Paris with MyDCA !

We are please to announce the first roadshow of a Nasdaq company Innovate Biopharmaceuticals in Paris with MyDCA on the 11 and 12 of April. As the company is taking [...]

US Small-caps ready to pay for research in an effort to offset MiFID 2 impacts ?

It is very interesting to hear that US Small & Mid cap are considering paying for sponsored research to offset the potential threats of shrinking coverage by brokers. The following [...]

Fidelity makes U-Turn on external research costs

Fidelity has been one of the few major asset managers in the world to announce at the end of 2017 that it will continue to charge its clients for external [...]

Is free Corporate Access an inducement regarding MiFID2?

Broker may offer to their clients Corporate Access for free considering that it is a part of research! Regarding MiFID2 is not allowed anymore and will lead to a global [...]

Corporate access service : the next MiFID2 service under scrutiny by investors?

QuantiFire Ltd & The Investor Relations Society made a large survey in december 2017. The research sought to establish investors’ views on the impact of MiFID II on their meetings [...]

Who pays to meet a CEO

If you still doubt that corporate access has a real value read the following article from Bloomberg. Meeting with C-Levels executives is by far considered as the most valuable interaction [...]

MiFID2 : who will finance the roadshows?

MIFID 2 rebates the cards of a triangular process, old as the Stock market: corporate access. Brokers put investors in touch with listed companies by organizing seemingly free, the roadshows. [...]

ManGroup finally changed its position and will eat research costs!

No doubts! research will definitely be paid by a vast majority through AM P&L. Man Group is the latest large house to have reverse its previous position.  They will finally [...]

Fidelity shifts equity funds to performance-related fees

Fidelity just released its position on research costs under MiFID2, and they joined the camp of CSA/RPA lovers. More interestingly, they disclosed their new philosophy regarding costs charged to their [...]

MyDCA : new website.

Please have a look at are new website, that we just posted today. Registration is free and you will have access to a MiFID2 compliant platform dedicated to Corporate Access. [...]

MiFID2 : The final countdown is accelerating !!!

 MiFID2 is moving the lines quickly. Here an overview of asset managers and the way they will deal with MiFID2 to manage their research costs. The consensus is today, for [...]

Mydca participated at l’AGEFI IRF Paris

Great forum to share knowledge and insights on MiFID 2 consequences on research pricing, distribution and corporate access.

Corporate Access at the dawn of a revolution.

Esma published its final position on Corporate Access on the 4th of April. ESMA’s position clearly and definitively introduces

Brokers Giving Away Best Trade Ideas Leads to Unexpected Paydays

Ian Conway doesn’t just give away his best trading ideas. He pays to post them online.

MiFID II: An overused acronym, but what does it mean for day-to-day IR?

If you still have doubts about MiFID2 consequences on Corporate Access, read the following article. CA will be deeply impacted as it can no longer be considered as research. Implying [...]

MiFID2 impact on Corporate Access

If you still have doubts about MiFID2 consequences on Corporate Access, read the following article. CA will be deeply impacted as it can no longer be considered as research. Implying [...]

Banks to Cut $1.2 Billion in Research Spending, McKinsey Says

McKinsey is not always right... But they most of the time have a clear understanding and deep knowledge of financial industry trends. Two very interesting things in this article: 1- [...]

No more MiFID II delays says ESMA chief

If you are hoping for another delay for MiFID 2 ... Come back to reality. 3rd January 2018 is coming fast. Asset managers and corporates will have to find new [...]

MiFID2 is going global!!

As stated in a recent survey by Greenwich Associates it appears that major Asset Managers will implement MiFID2 even if it is not mandatory in their country. Brokers too have [...]

FCA criticises asset managers over research and trading charges

What a surprise! It has long been known that few players were compliant with the unbundling of research and corporate access in the UK. But this news is very important. [...]

A Waterloo moment for MiFID2

Waterloo might be a bit strong!! Corporate access won't change overnight. But it is more like the Great Retreat of 1812... Historical players will suffer from the new entrant’s competition [...]

Macquarie offers pay-as-you-go stock research service

If you still have question on how the research distribution model will evolve, here is a first answer. Macquarie is not one of the largest brokerage house in the world [...]

Integrity Research article on MyDCA opening

Paris-Based Corporate Access Platform MyDCA Launches By Sanford Bragg September 26, 2016 A new French corporate access platform, MyDCA, which we profiled in June, is launching today. The Paris-based platform is based on [...]

Agefi TV interview

Interview of MyDCA at the AGEFI Paris Research Forum on the impact of MiFID2 on Corporate Access and MyDCA value proposition.